You Matter Mommy!

You matter to your children.  No matter how exhausted you feel.  No matter how desperate you are for a deep breath.  Take a moment today to stop yourself in your steps.  Pull your child close and tell them how much you love them.  The laundry can wait.  The cleaning will still be there.  The phone will continue to ring.  Your work isn’t going anywhere.  But, as you put your children first your reward will be brilliant.  You will be renewed.  The moments you invest in your children will ignite your sense of calling.  You see, you have been given a gift.  You are mommy.  Mama.  You impact eternity day by day, encounter by encounter with your children.  Your role in their life is paramount.  I encourage you to find those beautiful eyes that you birthed, however many of them, look into them with appreciation, give them a kiss and a tickle – no matter how old – and feel a smile spread across their face.  And the coolest thing will happen: that smile will become yours.  Because in their eyes, you see your truest calling.

You matter Mommy!  I’m proud of you!!  And as soon as I figure out this website blogging thing, I’ll be around more often to cheer you on!!